reimagine America

Combat Climate Change

  • Revoke all U.S. subsidies of fossil fuel energy, transportation, and agriculture.
  • Aggressively price greenhouse emissions to engender a smooth and rapid transition to green technologies.
  • Reduce U.S. energy and transportation net carbon emissions to zero by 2040.
  • Become the world leader in green technology through diplomacy, commerce, and private technological innovation.

Limit and Simplify Governance

  • Replace income tax with value-added tax and wealth tax.
  • Eliminate immigration barriers.  Guarantee citizenship for applicants after 10 years' residence.
  • Phase out Social Security, corporate and private welfare. Reduce military budget by 50%.
  • Unilaterally reduce or eliminate all tariffs, quotas, embargoes, or other barriers to trade.
  • Institute ranked choice voting at all levels of government.

Reduce Inequality

  • Create a universal basic income beginning at $800 per month for all U.S. adult citizens.
  • Transition all government education funding into a school choice/voucher system.
  • Reform U.S. criminal justice system. Reduce incarceration rate by 75%.
  • Decriminalize, tax, and regulate many controlled substances, gambling, and sex work.
  • Lower minimum voting age to 14 years.